The Immigration System Needs to Legalize Itself.

America’s immigration policy remains an international farce, just like other nations.  Politicians appease a few talking heads eager to catapult the public into hysteria.  The truth is the U.S. economy will fall flat without newcomers.  As a result, too many capitalize upon unlawfully present foreigners.  Our nation ignores that the present set of immigration laws are inconsistently enforced, administratively ridiculous, hinder our economy, and lack moral justification. 


We pretend that most of our U.S. Employers are virtuous.  We try to bar the unlawful from getting a social security or tax identification; this means that they cannot timely pay taxes.We pretend that the Government somehow has enough funding to ensure that our morally bankrupt immigration system will be enforced.  Even our courts have difficulty so they enforce chaotically with a set of legal mechanisms geared for failure. 

We Americans seduce millions to remain unlawfully; we hire them to work in our economy without lawful status.  Who are we fooling?  The Trojan Horses have continued to land bearing  laborers that want to work for employers who depend upon loyal employees.  The numbers of the unlawfully present, with or without expired I-94 cards, have swelled to ridiculous levels.  Unfortunately, our Government prefers to take a laissez faire status quo attitude. Few are getting deported, overall, and those who do simply return to creatie a more dysfunctional immigration system.  Isn’t it time to reconsider the consequences?  Isn’t it time to reasonably level the playing field after over twenty years? 

A new legalization or registry program is long overdue!  Call it by its real names!  Illogical and unjustifiably meanspirited immigration laws have overcome us with dread. We have repeated history with our vindictive greed and insensitivity.  In America’s hysteria, it created another witch hunt with immigration laws.  We, again, sit like idle fools before a monolith like that in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We await a reckoning.  Can’t you sense Deodato playing in the background?  HAL, open the Pod doors!


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