Does the U.S. Now Encourage Emigration?

The newer immigration laws since IMMACT 90 on have created family disunity.  The newer employment based visa system means that the best and the brightest may have to choose between staying in the U.S. or keeping their families together.  Some can wait up to two decades for their siblings to immigrate.  Some can wait nearly that amount of time for their children to immigrate.

Many assume that petition for a husband or wife is automatic.  It’s not!  Some discover, after marriage and application, that their spouse cannot immigrate to  the U.S.  Even the simple possession of small amounts of cocaine may not necessarily be undone without extreme planning.  The law provides few options after 1996.

Without an opportunity to legally work, but many temptations to work with inconsistent and unpredictable enforcement, we create a nation in fear of the DHS.  Yet, we do little to penalize employers.  As a result, American employers view the immigration laws as a mere formality.  The laws  become a means to ‘encourage’ unlawful workers to do their jobs.  The insinuated threat of calling DHS is enough to forget about that paycheck.  In the end, with both sides depending upon each other.  Unfortunately, the DHS becomes an nearly predictable formality.

This is not the way that the anti-immigration forces expected the laws to be treated.  Yet, those who advocated for more harsh laws have been unable to do much to enforce them.  They choose instead to heckle unlawful employers.  They try to cover for the unfunded mandate with videocameras in an effort to get more funds for the walls that some tunnel under or simply drive over.  They also oppose reasonable efforts to reform the system with more enforceable options for legal immigration.

What was once lawful immigration is now unlawful.  There are too many unenforceable bars that simply chase residents into black market employment.  OSHA has few whistleblowers, because too many are afraid that DHS will come with it.

There are also other triggers which suddenly and unpredictable stop the immigration of the unwary.  We end up with a system of potholes with no asphalt to fill the gaps that prevent an unjust society.  For those who say, we told you so, imagine workers who look, speak and sound just like Americans, only they are not.  Who is a Citizen?  Who is not?  Even the DHS has trouble.  Employers can find a way, but not their co-workers.

For those Americans were never touched by the Immigration laws, consider yourself lucky.  All it takes is an unexpected twist and your U.S. Citizen son or daughter may be dangling out in Dusseldorf mit ihr ehegatte.  Auf wiedersehen? Nein!



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