American Jeopardy: The Pious Who Remain Unrighteous – Who was Joseph or Moses for $10

I was never entirely pleased with most Democrats or Republicans. There is always a certain amount of negotiating and pandering in politics.  Incumbents enjoy power. Those of us who choose to avoid the challenge for personal reasons must tolerate all that is inept in politics.  Unfortunately, the most inept, inhumane, and unenforceble set of civil laws are those that involve lawful immigration.  It seems that Newt Gingrich is the only Republican willing to admit it and seek a solution.

America has forgotten its roots; it restricts lawful immigration to an outrageous extent. Much of it is geared by PACs started by zero population growth advocates, who can no longer advocate pro choice.  Our unenforceble rules are geared to permanently disqualify productive, yet  unlawful residents.  These folks will take the abuse and still live in the U.S. We now permanently bar too many foreign spouses of U.S. Citizens from lawful immigration for mere civil immigration violations.

As result, what do Americans do? Well, many U.S. Citizens rebel privately. They believe that the U.S. Government refuses or is unable to adequately fund enforcement. If the Government did, there are many more native born and naturalized U.S. Citizens who can be detained without a speedy trial and deported by mistake. Yes, a drivers license is not enough! What about that shabby looking birth certificate! And no, an expired U.S. Passport is not acceptable proof of Citizenship!

Our current set of immigration laws lacks a moral compass. The Republicans have feigned, or near complete selective, ignorance of America’s current Immigration laws. Mitt Romney catcalls “amnesty” for all programs geared to help DHS clear some of the enforcement docket.  As a result, he does an disservice to the G.O.P. 

I believe that Romney feeds on a vindictive set of Americans who are unaware that many long term foreign born U.S. Residents are permanently disqualified from a green card, even if they left the U.S. for consular processing.

Many of those who may qualify for a future legalization program, not an amnesty program, have lived in the U.S. for decades. Many were dragged over the border by their parents. Many were shoved in blankets and driven over the border. These children, now in their 30s or 40s had no choice. Now, the read, speak and understand English better than many Native born Americans.  Many also pay taxes.

These kids are Ours. One of Ronald Reagan’s legacies was Legalization. Yes, the program ended! For the Republican Party leaders to claim that the G.O.P. is pious, yet remain unwilling to forgive the stranger in Our Land is anti-Christian and simply sacrilegious.

Those who read the Bible or Tanakh know that we are to welcome the stranger as if we were strangers in the land of Israel. The Exodus from Egypt was caused by ramped up aggression and jealousy. This lead to eventual edicts, followed by impressment and slavery against those who were made unwelcome. What took place in Nazi Germany that led to the Holocaust was an effort to de-personalize those of the Jewish faith.

What has happened in the U.S. is that we have forgotten that people are unlawfully present, not ‘illegal.’ Contraband and drugs are illegal, not people.  At what point can we admit that there must be a statute of limitations on the civil offense of entering without inspection? Perhaps, we need a limitation on prosecution for the crime of unlawful re-entry, as well!

The current civil and criminal immigration legal systems have yet to create such statute of limitations! Why?  Well, Republicans are unable to forgive. Perhaps, the Tea Party is unable to accept that law and order requires a balancing of the scales.  Our immigrations laws remain imbalanced and geared against those for whom America remains dependent.  As a result, the system has epically failed as a just and righteous orderly program, but for the administrators that are required to enforce it.

To date, there is only one Republican who recognizes the Reagan Legacy.  That is Newt Gingrich.  The rest seem to be affiliated with another political mentality.  I hope that those of us who really read the scriptures learn to have an impact on Rome, rather than simply tolerate when Christians get thrown to the lions, tigers and bears.

A number of our DHS detention facilities, mostly run by private companies, have become arguable cesspools of human rights abuses.  The Republicans cannot pretend to ignore when women are raped by guards, who were ineptly vetted for past rape convictions  as some sort of payback. Yet, we allow human beings to be deprived of health services to the point that organ transplants are eventually rejected.

Let’s face it, the U.S. cannot afford to pay for this disaster fueled by the vindication that created red tape restrictions limiting lawful immigration. Mitt Romney advocates the type of vindictive commentary that fuels the human rights violations that Americans like to condemn in other nations!

The bazaar part,  for me, is that he claims to be a good Mormon.


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